Trib Ball “Free to Learn” Childcare Development Activity

The Trib Ball “Free to Learn” Childcare Center is a state-licensed program. We teach fundamental literacy and motor skills to children, ages six weeks to five years of age.

Trib Ball Afterschool Enrichment Activity

The Trib Ball Afterschool Enrichment Activity provides a fun and enlightening educational programs for students from preschool to sixth grade. We have approximately 75 students in our afterschool program that live throughout Owensboro and Daviess County. When the students arrive, we have healthy snacks and a well-prepared hot dinner for them to eat before they are picked up by their parents.

Western Academy at The Neblett

A program for African-American boys in the 3rd to 12th grade. The program focuses on our scholars making a positive footprint in the community we serve, the city we live in, the state we reside in, and the country we hold dear to our hearts. A positive footprint is needed in our community to effect change in our children, so they may know that they are worthy, valuable, and capable.

Food Nutrition Program

Proper nutrition is an important part of an excellent child development program because it is an essential part of good health. HLNCC provides breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner daily. All meals and snacks follow the state, FDA regulations, and Federal Food guidelines. Our kitchen staff is essential to the success of our program, which includes providing our children with outstanding hot, nutritious meals served daily at HLNCC.

Diversity and English as a Second Language

HLNCC and Trib Ball “Fun to Learn” Daycare welcomes diversity into our facilities. We enroll children of parents who cannot speak English and also have employed daycare workers who are limited in the English language.

HLNCC Evening Recreation Activity

  • Teens are excited about learning new skills and do not succumb to peer pressure.
  • Teens serve as leaders for peer groups at the center and in school.
  • Teens exhibit a higher level of respect toward adults and each other.
  • Students are drug and alcohol-free and respect and abide by the laws.

Neblett Center Mature Adult Program

The Mature Adult Program is offered to adults ages 55 and older. The purpose of this program is to enhance the lives of seniors by providing fellowship and entertainment through trips, dinners, cultural programs, theatrical plays, and gospel musicals.